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Grandmother spirit teaches us that Menopause isn't about endings its about growth and mastery of life lessons. It is the emergence of our Wisdom path, of The "Wise Woman" within, and should be viewed with reverence and gratitude. This tea was designed to support women through transitional life cycle events and transitions. It can assist in taming hot flashes, dry skin, muscle cramping & soreness, mood swings, restlessness. Chamomile. Chickweed. Rose Hips. Red Clover. Oatstraw, Marshmallow Root. Hawthorne. Lavender. Nettles. Alfalfa. Passion Flower. Dandelion Leaf. Spearmint. Black Cohosh. Blend 1-2 Tsp Per 8oz Cup Of Boiling Water. Steep 3-4 Min.
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