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       Fall River Botanicals was founded on the deep respect I have for Mother Earth & my life-long passion for herbs & flowers.  Growing up I watched my Grandmothers use plants to create “remedies” for our family’s health.  After over 26 years of study I have created  Native & Natural products to assist you in finding the peace within to heal, restore & walk in-balance.  Today too many skin care products are loaded with unnecessary ingredients such as preservatives,emulsifiers, thickeners, chemical fragrances and dyes. The average American uses 9 product a day for a total of 126 different ingredients-many of which are hormone disruptors, neurotoxins and skin irritants.   Toxins put undue stress on our already over-taxed systems/organs.  The skin, being the largest of our body’s organs, readily absorbs these toxins.  That is why it is essential to choose a skin care company that truly cares about both you and our planet.  We source only the purest and most potent ingredients available from the original grower’s and farmers and we guarantee that each and every product we make uses only natural plants, leaves, roots & flowers and will NEVER contain harmful additives....Blessings, Leila Duran